Dental Tourism

Dental tourism has in recent times seen a steady growth in India. The term implies the residents of other countries travelling to India for the dual purpose of a beautiful vacation along with world class dental treatment

There are many reasons why India is a hot spot for Dental tourism:

  1. India provides world class dental treatment.
  2. The easy availability of highly qualified and skillful dental specialists.
  3. The cost of the treatment is many times lesser than in the western world.
  4. The huge variety that India offers for tourists, from hills to untouched beaches to ancient architecture.
  5. The warm and caring attitude of the dental specialists and the people of India in general.

Sure Smile dental care is located in the city of Bangalore. Bangalore is the Information Technology hub of India and one of the fastest growing cities of the world. It is extremely well connected within and outside of India. The city has the best of hotels located very conveniently, so staying in Bangalore is absolutely hassle free.

The whole of the southern part of India is very easily accessible from Bangalore. The southern part of India is replete with tourist destinations and resorts that cater to very diverse preferences!

Here is a comparison of the average treatment costs for different dental procedures between India and the west:

Treatment India USA & Europe
1. Implants $1000 $4500
2. Ceramic crowns & Veneers $300 $900
3. Root canal treatment $100 $1000
4. Invisible braces (Invisalign/Clearpath) $2000 $5000
5. Braces (Invisalign/Clearpath) $500 $2000
6. Tooth colored fillings $50 $500
7. A Warm Enriching Experience FREE :)

With so much to offer in terms of memorable holidays and world class dental treatment, India is definitely the destination of choice for both.

Sterilization Protocol

Dental treatment demands excellent infection control!

That’s what the doctors and other staff at Sure Smile dental care follow at all stages of preparation and treatment of every patient. The importance of sterilization cannot be overemphasized and therefore we put in extra efforts to ensure our patients are safe from infections.

  • All our staff undergo training in the handling of infectious materials and following perfect sterilization protocols.
  • We maximize the use of disposables (gloves, suction tips, drapes and other protective wear) which prevents any chances of cross contamination.
  • The syringes and needles used are always disposable and single use only.
  • We invest in single patient use ampoules and cartridges for maximum materials so that chances of cross-infection are eliminated.
  • All instruments are sealed in sterilization pouches with indicators and autoclaved. Autoclaving at the right temperature and pressure is the best method of achieving complete sterilization.
  • Surface disinfectants are used for the dental chair, slabs and other areas.
  • We record the medical history of every patient and take special precautions when needed.
  • The medical waste generated is disposed of following international pollution control guidelines. This ensures we keep the environment in and around the clinic safe for everyone.
  • The sterilization process is monitored and recorded on a regular basis by the doctors.
  • Our staff members are vaccinated and undergo regular screening for potential infections. After all we care for our staff as much as our patients.

We understand that our patients need to feel safe at all times. By following the above protocols, we ensure our patients can rest assured about the safety of our procedures and focus on getting the perfect smile they desire.

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