At Sure Smile, we firmly believe the mark of a good practice is patient satisfaction and patient education. We take every measure to ensure every patient at Sure Smile is completely satisfied with the treatment. We make no false claims and explain the limitations of every treatment option before we begin so the patient can make an informed decision.

Here are some of our many "Happy patient records" that will not only motivate you for treatment, but also educate you about the various treatment options available.

Broken Front Teeth

Gaps between teeth

Discolored front teeth

Crooked/ Crowded teeth

Cavities/Fillings on front teeth

Dental Implants

Protruded teeth

Smile makeovers

Missing front teeth

Tip's for Healthy Teeth

  1. Brush your teeth twice daily. Before going to bed in the night and After breakfast in the morning.
  2. Use a soft or extra-soft tooth brush and brush your teeth in a circular motion. Change your brush not before 3 months and not later than 6 months.
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